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Our favourite translator Manuela Spinelli ‘honoured’ to work with Trap


She became Ireland’s most famous translator but Manuela Spinelli is about to disappear from our TV screens after Giovanni Trapattoni, Marco Tardelli and the FAI parted company today.

The Italian language expert has been there for all the highs and lows of Trapattoni’s five-year tenure and took to twitter today after being contacted by scores of Irish fans.
She tweeted: “Thank you all for your kind messages. It’s been an incredible honour for me to work with Giovanni, Marco and @FAIreland.”
Spinelli became a televisioin star in her own right last year when she learned to play the cello in a few weeks for a RTE show called Instrument.
Her happy demeanour made the 39-year-old an instant hit with Irish fans and there was even a soccer chant created in her honour.
Manuela Spinelli has been working for DCU Language Services as a Conference Interpreter for almost 10 years.


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