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Handling Criticism as a freelancer!

Even though none of us enjoy it, we all have to make peace with rejection or being criticized being in the freelancing world. If you not used to it yet, it’s a great time to start. It will happen at some stage, whether its pitching new ideas, presenting work to clients, handling feedback or just fixing mistakes that was done by an outsourced company which you now have to answer for. The longer you work as a freelancer, the more of it you will get.

Today we look at how its best to handle this.

Step 1 – Don’t Take It Personally

We as freelancers to in most cases take criticism and rejection way too personally and in most cases when one asks where we go wrong, the clients response seems vague. It’s really nothing personal towards you, it just mainly means that your style and their taste differ. Today one client will criticize your work and tomorrow another will praise you for the exact same piece. Best advice is look for clients that suit your style and personality and all will go better and always remember rejection and criticism are just occupational hazards of freelancing. And they’re not to be taken as blanket judgments on you as a person or as a professional.

Step 2 – How to Handle Rejection

Find something to take your mind off it!
Best medicine is usually find something that can take your mind off it like playing a game, watching a comedy episode or just switching off everything and read a book. How you best do this is purely based on you as a person

Step 3 – What to Do With Criticism

Educate your clients
Remember that you are the one in this line of work and clients don’t always understand the process it takes to receive their end result. Never hesitate to explain your work process. This will give both sides a better understanding of what is involved with creation their dream project.
Don’t get defensive or aggressive
People tend to get aggressive when threatened with criticism. Don’t! Your client will just get moodier and the whole project will turn more sour and become a pain that gaining a potential long term client that you’ve already worked the teething phases out of understanding each other better.
Find out what they mean (even if they’re not sure themselves)
Ask for samples, images or even web references. Pictures and samples can ultimately save you time, money and patients in the end.
And that’s a wrap for basic 101 on handling criticism. Hope this helps you guys out and let us know if you have specific based questions and we will handle them.

This blog is proudly brought to you by Sidra Baksh!


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