Breaking the Barrier!

Hi there and welcome back to another weekly word with me, Sid. Today we checking out:

Rain – English

Chuva – Portuguese

Lluvia – Spanish


  • a. Water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops.
  • b. A fall of such water; a rainstorm.
  • c. The descent of such water.
  • d. Rainy weather.
  • e. rains A rainy season.

2. A heavy or abundant fall: a rain of fluffy cottonwood seeds; a rain of insults.

rained, rain•ing, rains
1. To fall in drops of water from the clouds.
2. To fall like rain: Praise rained down on the composer.
3. To release rain.
1. To send or pour down.
2. To give abundantly; shower: rain gifts; rain curses upon their heads.

Phrasal Verb:
rain out
To force the cancellation or postponement of (an outdoor event) because of rain. Used in passive constructions: The ball game was rained out.
rain cats and dogs Informal
To rain very heavily.

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