Adventure Time!!!

And we running around Brazil again.
Today you can catch up to us in the sweet town of

Ribeirão Preto


A little history about the town

coffeeThe city was founded June 19, 1856, by farmers coming from the southeast of São Paulo State in search of good climate soil for coffee growing. The city was laid by a stream called Black Creek, and was named after it (Ribeirão Preto means b creek in Portuguese, sometimes the city name is translated as “Black Stream”, which is also the name of a hotel in the c Eventually the farmers’ choice revealed itself as very adequate and the fertile soil of the Ribeirão Preto region allowed highest crop productivity in Brazil.The rapid development of the coffee cultivation
brought wealth and progress to the city, which by the 1880s had beco the largest coffee producer in the world. Coffee, the “green gold” as it was called, was responsible for a kind of “gold ru in the region, which attracted workers and adventurous people from several parts of the world. This movement was he by the new Mogiana Railway, which linked Ribeirão Preto to São Paulo and to the port city of Santos, and by the abolitio slavery in Brazil, in 1888. The end of slavery created a strong demand for labor and the “coffee barons”, as the coffee farmers were called,
stimulated European immigration – mostly from Italy but also from Portugal, Spain and Germany Ribeirão Preto. Later, after the stock market crash of 1929, several of these immigrants bought the farms from their indebted former employers.
source= Wikipedia

What is there to see?

theathreRibeirão Preto used to be quite the rich town back in the 20th century ages, having several mansions, euro-style café cabarets and used to be the home of the two amazing opera houses, Carlos Gomes Theatre (which was demolished in 1 and the “Pedro II Theatre”, which was restored to glory with some modifications in 1990’s, making it today the largest O House in Brazil.

pingiumBut if the Theathre isnt your thing, you can always go check out the famous beer houses like Pingium (penguin in Portoguese). Antarctica Brewery Company, now part of the AmBev group, helped the city get famous for their quality beer (chope or chopp in Brazilian Portuguese). According to travelers and locals, if you dont make your stop at Pingium like going to Rome and not checking out the pope. There are more beer houses other than Pinguim that one can see, the city is filled with bars on every corner due to the climate where one can find almost every beer available around the world.

What Festivals happen here?

Here are some of the festivals that happen yearly:
Fair Photo Image, Carnabeirão (greater micareta the state of São Paulo)
Film Festival Ribeirão Preto
Agrishow (International Fair of Agricultural Technology in Action)
National Book Fair of Ribeirão Black (second largest fair in the open in Brazil)
Fair ExpoHair, Feitrans (Fair Transport Interior Paulista)
Festival Tanabata (Japanese culture)
Arena Cross,
John Rock Winterfest
Ribeirão Rodeo Music
and much much more!

What else can we see?

Ribeirão Preto have lots of parks, zoo’s and gardens for breaking away from the busy city life and just going for a picn Fábio Barreto municipal forest, municipal park called “Curupira”, and the Botanical Garden Park can both be located in Southern Zone of the city where as Tom Jobim Park can be located in the North West Region and the Maurílio Biagi Pa the central zone.

We hoped you enjoyed another entry into our Adventure Time!!! Posts. Happy travels all 🙂

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