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Lets start off the day with a fun cartoon about translation.
how a translator saved a whole company (or not)
And now, we present to you:

A Few Interesting Facts About Translation Services in the Contemporary World

1. There are about 330,000 translators in the world. Of course, this is not counting people who translate things informally, whose number is even bigger.
2. 78% of all books between the years 2000 and 2010 were translated into French or German and only 5% into Chinese.
3. According to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, his book, One Hundred Years of Solitude was better in the English translation than in the original Spanish. This may seem like a strange idea because, in general, people believe that books written in the original language are better than their translations. However, it just goes to show that a great translator is an artist who can even improve a book.
4. Vladimir Nabokov was extremely opposed to translations, believing that they destroyed the beauty of the original work. He once attempted a word-for-word translation, with hilarious effects. Thank goodness translators of his work did not accept his views or we would not have his great works of literature available to us in the English-speaking world today.
5. Translators refer to English for the international market as “World English” and they make sure that it is neither U.K. nor U.S.-biased.

Hope you all enjoyed a little randomness from us for the week and we will be back soon ^^

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