Adventure Time!!!

Welcome back travelers! Today we lead you to a special trip via the

Tren a las Nubes

6 AR Salta, train

A little history

The construction of the railway started in 1921, to connect the North of Argentina with Chile across the Andes, and to serve the borax mines of the area. The viaduct La Polvorilla, the highest of the line, was finished on 7 November 1932. The complete railway was inaugurated on 20 February 1948, but it was not until the late 1970s that it started being visited by tourists. The route was designed by American engineer Richard Fontaine Maury,[2] after whom one of the stations has been named.

Whats it like today?

tren_nubesSo after a long shutdown, they eventually decided to refurbish this wonder and opened it to the public again 6 August 2008 operated by the private company Ecotren.
One round trip takes almost 15 hours to complete the full 434km trip at an average speed of 35km/h. The current train is a 10-car train that can hold and carry up to 640 passengers. Its accommodates an average of 30 000 tourists a year an runs from April to November. Services available on this wonder include a dining car, bilingual guides, medical practice, and other forms of entertainment.

Stations on the Tren a las Nubes

Following are the stations the train passes through; height above mean sea level (in meters) is provided:

1 km 0 Salta (1,187 m)

23Branch line Alvarado

4km — Gral. Alvarado (1,207 m)

4km 17 Cerrillos (1,260 m)

4km 29 Rosario de Lerma (1,332 m)

4km 40 Campo Quijano (1,520 m)

4km — V. Toledo (1,587 m)

4km 53 El Alisal (1,806 m)

5km — 1º Zig zag

4km 66 Chorrillos (2,111 m)

5km — 2º Zig zag

4km 78 Ing. Mauri (2,358 m)

4km 91 Gobernador M. Solá (2,550 m)

4km 100 Puerta de Tastil (2,675 m)

4km — Tacuara (3,036 m)

4km 109 Meseta (2,844 m)

6km — 1º Spiral

6km — 2º Spiral

4km 131 Diego de Almagro (3,503 m)

4km — Incahuasi (3,553 m)

4km 156 Cachiñal (3,739 m)

4km 175 Abra Muñano (3,952 m)

4km — Los Patos (3,842 m)

7km 196 San Antonio de los Cobres (3,774 m)

4km 215 Mina Concordia (4,144 m)

8km 217 Viaduct La Polvorilla (4,220 m)

And that’s our trip along the “train of the clouds”. Hope you enjoyed it and we will be back soon with more stuff 😀

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