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Hey there and welcome back 😀 We always happy for those reading our blog in your busy days.
So lets first hit it off with a favourite comic of ours found on the great net of the word:

And now some random yet interesting facts on Language

• The first word spoken on the moon was “okay.”
• Seoul, the South Korean capital, just means “the capital” in the Korean language
• The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with
• Panspermia is the idea that life on Earth originated on another planet.
• An infestation of head lice is called pediculosis.
• The medical name for the part of the brain associated with teenage sulking is “superior temporal sulcus”.
• Involuntary bad language, a symptom affecting about one in 10 people with Tourette’s syndrome, is called “coprolalia”.
• The word “time” is the most common noun in the English language.
• The clitoris derives its name from the ancient Greek word kleitoris, meaning “little hill”.
• Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobiacs is the term for people who fear the number 666.
• Publishers have coined the term “Brownsploitation” for the rash of books that have sprung up in the wake of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code blockbuster.
• The “you are here” arrow on maps is called an ideo locator
• The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want
• In English, “four” is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value
• Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any of the United States

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