Breaking the Barrier!

Welcome back to another addition of “Breaking the Barrier!”

Today we checking out the sentence

Under pressure – English

Sob pressão – Portuguese

Bajo presión – Spanish

Onder druk – Afrikaans


— n
1. the state of pressing or being pressed
2. the exertion of force by one body on the surface of another
3. a moral force that compels: to bring pressure to bear
4. an urgent claim or demand or series of urgent claims or demands: to work under pressure
5. a burdensome condition that is hard to bear: the pressure of grief
6. p , P the normal force applied to a unit area of a surface, usually measured in pascals (newtons per square metre), millibars, torr, or atmospheres
7. atmospheric pressure short for blood pressure

— vb
8. ( tr ) to constrain or compel, as by the application of moral force
9. another word for pressurize

[C14: from Late Latin pressūra a pressing, from Latin premere to press]

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