Breaking the Barrier!

Welcome back to another education edition to Sid’s blog. Today we looking at the word we always look over to translate sometimes and yet can make the world of difference when we do. So without a further a due, this week’s word is: Thank you for your support English – Thank you for your support […]

Sid’s World

Welcome to another inside peak to Sid’s World. Lets hit it off with this weeks comic about how to lose a social life: And now, here are some more awesomely interesting facts about LANGUAGE: • The word “trivia” comes from the Latin “trivium” which is the place where three roads meet, a public square. People […]

Translator News Alerts!

The hottest job skill is… The Army, NYPD and State Department can’t get enough workers with this job skill. Neither can Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, local courts and schools. By Annalyn Kurtz @AnnalynKurtz October 30, 2013: 3:15 PM ET What is it? Fluency in a foreign language. Translators and interpreters are expected to be one […]

Sid’s Corner – Freelance Translator Advice

Welcome to another addition to Freelancer Advice. Today we will be looking at something we all have trouble with. Handling Difficult Customers The customer may always right, but that doesn’t mean all customers are easy to deal with. Anyone who’s ever worked in customer service can tell you, customers can be downright unruly. Still, if […]

Sid’s World

Welcome to another addition of Sid’s World. Lets start off the day with a fun cartoon about translation. Source=MOX And now, we present to you: A Few Interesting Facts About Translation Services in the Contemporary World 1. There are about 330,000 translators in the world. Of course, this is not counting people who translate things […]