Sids Advice to young translators

10 lessons from my first year as a full-time freelance translator   I’ve been so busy with work this past month (hence the lack of blog posts) that I missed an important milestone. Three weeks ago marked one year since I made the bold career decision to quit my job and become a full-time freelance […]

5 Tips for Becoming a Freelance Translator

One of the most appealing things about becoming a freelance translator is the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Of course, freelancing has its own set of challenges, time management being one of them, but we thought it might be wise to backtrack a bit and provide some food for thought to those who are interested […]

Sid’s World!

Welcome to a fun edition to Sid’s World! Today we looking at some more fun language facts that you might or might not have known. Did you know that… 01 There are between 6000 and 7000 languages in the world – spoken by 7 billion people divided into 189 independent states. 02 There are about […]

Sid’s Corner – Freelance Translator Advice

A Freelance Translator’s Start-up Guide Posted April 28, 2011 in Getting Started, Translation Knowledge of a foreign language continues to be a huge selling point when it comes to finding a job in an increasingly global market. As it becomes more and more common for businesses to deal internationally, the need for someone to translate continues to increase. Despite technological […]

Sid’s Corner – Freelance Translator Advice

THE CHALLENGES OF BEING A FREELANCE TRANSLATOR Considering working as a freelance translator? Inka-Maria Kunz, a professional freelance translator, offers some tips and advice on how to start out in your translation career. Some simple questions – but suddenly not so simple when it comes to answering. What exactly is your vision? What services do […]